Bring your resume to life!

The rise in use of video across social media & business platforms is a movement we are seeing and the ultimate evolution of business operations. We believe that the resume is still very much alive, but FaceClip video recruitment is a necessary add-on to continue the evolution of the hiring process and allows job seekers the chance to get in front of perspective hiring managers.

Industry experts

Faceclip Video Recruitment was developed by the Operators of a Recruitment Consultancy who saw the need for the hiring process to be made more efficient. With over two decades of knowledge and industry insight, they wanted to build a recruitment tool that helped identify the best talent in a quicker and more accurate manner.

Adding value

Manager’s feedback was that they were spending excessive hours both screening and meeting candidates without necessarily having the desired results. FaceClip creators saw the opportunity to help hiring managers and Human Resource personnel to get more insight into candidate’s profiles before bringing them to face-to-face interview stages.